FATHER OF ART - Gewinner Best Student Film 2018 beim Beverly Hills Film Festival

Info zum Film:

Dale Schröder (1951- 2029) was a Swiss artist known for creating AI human hybrids using social media
platforms. At the insistence of an ambitious art curator, Dale agrees to introduce his work to the
general public. Captured by a documentary ‘filmmaker’, the show’s opening night is a disastrous blend
of confusion, fear, and revulsion.
Watch the behind the scenes here: vimeo.com/225019743/aafe7f7da2
Written and Directed by:
Freddy Macdonald
Director of Photography:
Sebastian Klinger
Wolfram Berger
Dagna Litzenberger Vinet
Fiona Coope
Produced by:
Fred Macdonald
Sculpture by:
Melissa Macdonald
Music by:
Papp Máté Levente
Ursula Owre Masterson
Susan Fitlin
Rick Coope
Laura St. Laurent
Shirley Burt
David Burt
Debbie Castro
Art Castro
Daniela Cester
Julie Davis
Paul Doolan
Jason Deutsch
Ann Florance
Julie Griffin
Maureen Hanley Lynch
Phil Lynch
Don Maher
Donna Nixon
Jonny Rea
Lea Preisig
Anja Leu-Preisig
Colleen Schupp
Andrew Schupp
Jason Schupp
Jill Tattle
Sound Engineer:
René Zingg
Music Recorded at:
Soundville Media Studios AG
Sound Recordists:
Oliver Hinebauch
Piper Nixon
Luca Steiner
Special Thanks:
Zanne Devine
Rich and Ann Whitley
Florentin Berger-Monit
Amanda Kayne
Ursula Burkert
Jody Becker
Clay Lapari
Bryan Papciak
Sergio Herencias
Ryan Pace
Craig Mathiesen
Kathy Walters
Susanne Sanchez
Linda Macdonald
Tico Macdonald
Anna Clay
Adras Winkler
Lilla Balogh
Shot on Location at:
Gallery333 GMBH CH-8804 Au/Wädenswil
Historic house of Amanda and Courtney Kayne,

"Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana." (Groucho)